Pantone’s Color Living Coral for Modern Sofas

The Pantone color of 2019 has already been chosen. The color of next year’s design is PANTONE 16-1546 LIVING CORAL for Modern SofasThis color is warmth and the sense of nourishment make us feel comfortable, giving a sense of standing in a safe environment. But this color means much more than this. Come find out! Himba Rug

One of the reasons this color was chosen for your home decor was due to the age we are living in. The way technology is changing the way we interact with people and how social media is getting more into our daily lives.

Inspire Yourself Here

Check out down below some inspirational ideas so you can have the best Interior Design. That way you can have some living room inspiration so you can create the best set being trendy with this new color.

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Pantone’s Color Living Coral for Modern Sofas coral for modern sofas Pantone’s Color Living Coral for Modern Sofas Pantone   s Color Living Coral Modern Sofas 2

Living Coral can be described as being “sociable and spirited”,  “authentic”, “lighthearted”, but also optimistic and joyful.

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