Blue sofa inspirations for 2016

Many people have blue as their favorite color. Blue ranks so high as a favorite color that you can’t go wrong if you use blue. The color will bring life into the room and…

Modern sofas from Patricia Urquiola Design CANASTA’13
Modern sofas from Patricia Urquiola Design

The famous designer Patricia Urquiola designed many things for B&B Italia. She creates for plenty of Italian brands and international companies as well. The blog Modern Sofas would like to suggest our readers some of…

Tips you need to know to choose a modern sofa

When the new year starts, we start thinking about changing our life. Sometimes our home environment should be also changed as a new beginning. Speaking about furniture, do you know how to…

Mitchell Gold Bob Williams are proud of their sofas photos
Mitchell Gold Bob Williams are proud of their sofas

Have you ever heard about the an internationally-acclaimed home furnishings company Mitchell Gold Bob Williams? Founded in 1989 in the rural town of Taylorsville, North Carolina, the design firm is  offering eco-friendly, American-made upholstery as…

Black sofa creates ultimate design at home

A black sofa is perpetually stylish decor choice, but the immediately eye-catching nature of a black centerpiece also presents an interior design challenge. Of course, there’s no one correct way to decorate…


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