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7 inspirations from interior designers on ELLE decor A-list on how to pick a living room sofa

7 Inspirations From ELLE Decor A-List On How To Pick Living Room Sofa



ELLE Decor published their annual A-List of top interior designers who make best of every piece to express their home decor ideas and evolve their styles. There are over 60 interior designers from all over the world on the A-List. Therefore, it’s a good chance to appreciate different stunning design styles from this list. As an essential part of home decor, living room sofa plays a key role in their design projects. In this article, Modern Sofas draws out 7 inspirations from their projects and share them with you. We hope these inspirations will take effect when you select sofas for your home.

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Alan Wanzenberg

When selecting a living room sofa, the first thing we often think about is the colour. Actually, if we can keep consistency with colours, we can generate an amazing effect on colours. For example in this project, Alan Wanzenberg uses different colours which each of them echoes with each other, in this way the living room furniture becomes a unified whole that this blue sofa speaks humorously with other pieces.

7 Inspirations From ELLE Decor A-List On How To Pick Living Room Sofa

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