Sofas Design: What Your Sofa Says About You?

Do you prefer loveseats or a big sectional ? Do you prefer the classic look of a chesterfield or a mid century modern sofa? And do you know your sofa can say a lot about you? We gathered a bunch of sofas design and after doing some research, we created some personality types for the popular designs. Let’s find out what your sofa says about your personality!

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loveseat sofa: sofas design

A Love Seat

You’re a true romantic at heart. You want a warm and cozy place to cuddle up after a long day, preferably next to your loved one. MAYA 2 seater sofa has the sensual and delicate forms of the feminine being and the strength of a tree of life; this combination makes it the perfect center piece for every living room set.

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chesterfield sofa: sofas design

A Chesterfield Sofa

You prize elegance and even though you are a stylish person who likes to embrace trends, you love the classics, from movies to sofas.  MAREE Lounge Sofa is a must-have mid century modern furniture piece in every modern or classic living room decor, bringing coziness and elegance to the set.

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sectional sofa: sofas design

A Sectional Sofa

You’re always busy, either with work or your kids. So when you get a minute to relax, you want your space to stretch out your legs and hang out with your family.

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modern sofas: sofas design

A Mid Century Modern Sofa

You love mixing modern with vintage finds and may prioritize a good looking sofa over a comfortable option.

black leather sofa

A Leather Sofa

You’re a fan of glam who prefers durable and timeless sofas over trendy options that will get out of style in a couple of years. You may have kids and know that a leather sofa is a lot easier to clean and maintain.

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What is your favorite type of sofa? We would love to now! For more Modern Sofas inspiration, visit our Pinterest account.