Decorating Ideas with a Colorful Sofa

A sofa is the central furniture piece in your living room and around which the whole decor is created, so you need to pick one carefully and make it work with the rest of your interior design. If you’re into neutral colors, we gathered 10 neutral modern sofas where you can take inspiration from. But, if you like to take risks and want to learn a few tips on how to decorate with a colorful sofa, this article is for you!

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Orange sofas inspiration: the color you choose for the sofa can either match the rest of the decor in its general lines or it can coordinate with certain key elements, like the pattern of the pillows or curtains.


Pink sofas inspiration: use a bold sofa to create a pop of color in your living room. It looks perfect in a monochrome interior decor.


Green sofas inspiration: a bold sofa is a statement piece in a classic living room, making it more special and unique. A green sofa looks amazing combined with a bunch of other bold colors like orange.


Blue sofas inspiration: your bold sofa can be the one piece that stands out without having to match anything, it will be the star of your living room.

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